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Daily Facts - Interesting Fun Facts

Facts Book Much of what you hear today is simply speculation. With this site, you get daily facts each and every day. Interesting, fun facts are added every day below.

Daily Facts - Interesting Fun Facts

With Facts Monk, we hope to give you a resource where straight forward interesting and fun facts are presented. Whether we are talking about animals, the solar system, people or history, we'll give you daily facts that are true and accurate.

Daily Facts

Many A Sore Jaw

Like gum? If so, you will curse the fact you werenít alive in 1915. Why? The Wrigley company sent a free pack to everyone in the phone book that year. Now that is viral marketing! 

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Future Facts

Now there is an important caveat to our effort to present the facts on subjects. Todayís facts are often rendered laughable when further research is done. Remember, the Earth was thought to be flat at one point in time and everyone was sure of it. With some subjects, such as science and planets, the facts can change remarkably with new discoveries.

If you find a page where our facts have fallen behind the times, just let us know. This site will eventually have hundreds of thousands of pages. There simply isnít enough coffee in the world to stay up to date on new developments. Now, thatís a fact!

We hope you enjoy Facts Monk.

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